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It is a concept of travelling to particular destination for medical purpose, with saving cost and receiving the services offered by professional and highly qualified team of doctors, nurses and administration staff in first class facilities. Travel also may include different vacation options such as tours according to your medical procedure and program.

Turkey is one of the most popular destination for tourism and always been safe for live and travel. Many foreigners nowadays are choosing Turkey for their permanent residence or yearly vacation. Turkish doctors and nurses are highly trained, qualified and internationally recognized. All medical facilities which we are cooperating with are equipped with the newest and highest standards.

Moreover we do give guarantee for all our procedures.

Choosing Turkey through our Company you will get the optimal combination of quality, service and price. Your will receive top quality treatment with world-class services at affordable prices in combination with unlimited possibilities to explore historical and /or sun, send, sea vacation in our beautiful Country.

This is the main idea of Medical tourism in Turkey that you can have the treatment you need while you travel and do tours. But of course depending on what procedure, treatment or surgery you will have, the doctor will advice you with your affordable program. To help you we create ideal packages depends on medical treatment type. However, any package can be change and modify to meet your requirements or individual program will be created personally for you.

There is no special items should be prepared apart from regular procedure going for vacation in Turkey, which is passport and visa. Of course doctors will require your previous Medical records and prescriptions as well as any other documents related to your medical condition.

Low labor cost in Turkey resulting the main advantage to have low cost, in addition the cost of medicines, materials and equipments are lower, the doctors and stuff earns are much less.

Of course yes. Once we will arrange the most suitable facility for your procedure according to your request, our team will arrange online consultation between you and your doctor to clarify all questions.