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Alsero Tour has been professionally organizing travel, accommodation, guidance, cultural tour and transfer needs in Turkey of hundred thousands of people from different countries since 1996.

With a years of experience and specialist staff team, we will arrange transfer with private car or ambulance from airport that you will land in Turkey, hotel reservation, hospital reservation, doctor appointments and medical staff who will take care of your treatment. Furthermore appointments, translation needs, guidance and information needs will be taken care of. One of the main rules of our company is to give support regarding necessary paper work about your treatment, hospital and doctor, after your treatment and you go back to your country.

Alsero Tour is one of the most trustworthy and skilled health tourism agencies  in Turkey. With our crew, we offer you reliable, quick and reasonable opportunities;

Because, we don’t work with only one hospital in Turkey. As we have agreements with numbers of hospitals, we are able to offer you the most suitable hospital for you which has specialist doctors that can diagnose correctly.

While preparing the health tourism program for you, we aim to garnish your journey with historical and natural attractions of major world tourism destinations such as İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Cappadocia, coast of Aegean and Mediterranean and offer you an unforgettable holiday with full of beautiful memories.


We are specialist on health tourism in Turkey.

We provide Professional medical and tourism services with a years of experience since 1996.

Choosing the correct hospital, transfer arrangement, accommodation of companions, guidance during the treatment, tour organizations and other requirements will be handled by our company. You will not have to think about all these and feel free.

The most important thing is humanity for us. Our policy is the best and reasonable price for you. Therefore, we offer medical consultancy free of charge.

We have self confidance and claim that we are the best.

We are not low price suppliers because low price is not the only solution in health. The price difference between Turkey and other countries in Europe, America and Asia is because the costs are lower and life conditions are different.

We never give up on quality about tourism and health.

Your treatment and surgery are at the forefront. Visiting historical and natural places of Turkey, shopping at the modern malls, city tours and experiencing the local folkloric events are our private holiday offer after your treatment.

Being treated in Turkey depends on your choice. Nobody has right to pressure you for surgery or convincing for treatment. You decide freely. Our company is here to give information and consult.