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To be the trusted and preferential in our medical tourism organisation for patients.


Continuousness  with a strong foundation - the best company in the healt care tourism ; we help to patients to go on thieir healthy and happy life with own family.
Do the right Things ; Easier said than done in the health care tourism but Alsero Tour employees know  this approach will always be met with anegise.
Safety ;  We know any disaese can cost lives. Therefor we are nonstop survey in the safety of our patients and guests.


Integrity ;   Alsero Tour business manages business honestly and respectfully.
Trust ;  trustworthiness can not buying, it is earned and underpins ewery succesfull relationship and services. We endeavour to build this trust with our experience and our employees.
Capability ; Our company co operate Europa, Asia, Middle East, far east country tour operators and travel agency tourism business since 1996. Our employees have experienced, qualified and capable. Alsero Tours known travel agency in Turkey.

The every kind of tourism activities and medical travel organizations are made by travel agencies that are specialist on health tourism, members of TURSAB (Turkish Association of Travel Agencies) and have document from ministry of tourism. Alsero Tour has also ISO 9001:2008 QA certificate. ( ALSERO TOUR  connected ORKUN TURİZM SEYAHAT GEMICILIK  INŞAAT TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI  VN.  647 006 32 62 )

During the travel program we offer you, the most important things are especially your health, your satisfaction and your happiness before and after the treatment and/or surgery. Our staff that has experience on tourism and medical, never offers you inappropriate and indelicate hospital, doctor or accommodation, transportation and services. We aim to build long term relationship with you. All medical procedures before and after treatment are followed by our firm.