Inquery Form


  1. Please contact us and provide us with your Medical records and related documents.

First of all you need to contact us by e-mail, telephone, skype e.t.c. and provide us with detailed information regarding your condition and treatment you would like to have in Turkey.  Our expert will consult you regarding all range of medical procedure we offer, we will provide you with form which you will need to fill and send us back. In addition we will require all related your medical records such as analysis, blood tests, X-RAY, CT, MRI results. Because as much more detailed information we will receive regarding your condition as much more suitable options (hospital and doctor) we can choose for your treatment in Turkey according to you priorities and expectation.

  1. Our professional team with analyze your request and we will offer you possible options for your treatment and travel.

After detailed analysis of your medical records and investigations by our specialists, we will     choose                 the appropriate hospital, doctor and therapy for you; fit both, your budget and your   expectation. We co-operate with all hospitals around Turkey, that why we can find best     facility, doctor and treatment for your requirements.

  1. We will arrange for your teleconference or / and online videoconference with our doctor to clarify all questions you may have.

As soon as the choice will be done, the teleconference / online conference with our doctor will be arranged to clarify all questions, at the same time if necessary conference with treating doctor at your country will be arranged.

  1. As soon as you made your decision you travel dates will be settled. Your travel booking will be done – your flight, hotel, transfer and travel schedule will be done with your confirmation of each moment.

In travel planning for you and your accompanied person (if there is) all reservations will be done by our Company. With you we will choose and book you fight, hotel. Plan for your staying in Turkey with daily schedule will be done. Reservation of your appointment in hospital for consultation and treatment will be done. All necessary documentary confirmation will be sent to you prior travel.              

  1. Your treatment plan and appointments at the hospital will be arranged.

Regarding your treatment all appointments at the hospital and with doctor will be done with treatment plan, according to your travel dates. After that confirmation letter and contract         will be sent to you. In the confirmation letter all details of the hotel, transfer, hospital and        treatment will be stated. With location of Alsero Tour offices in Turkey we will be able to        arrange all services for you here properly, so, you can feel here as at your own country, safe     and comfortable.

  1. For your Visa application (if necessary) we will prepare all required documents and send you invitation.

In case if you need visa to travel to Turkey for medical treatment the ALSERO TOUR is taking responsibility to provide you with all necessary documents and invitation.

  1. Upon arrival to Turkey our representative will meet you in the airport and transfer to your destination.

Our team will meet you and your accompanied person at the airport and transfer you to the hotel or hospital according to the schedule settled earlier. At the first day you will take the rest and short city tour can be provided at your request. Our consultant, who on our behalf will be in charge of all relevant details during your stay, will meet with you and inform you regarding all steps of further procedures.

  1. Check-in at the hospital will be done with our assistance and treatment will start.

                You will come to the hospital accompanied by our assistant, who will help you with all paper   work at check-in procedure, will introduce you to your treating doctor and treatment will be                started. After that the professional treatment will be started. Your treating doctor will              examine and investigate you current condition and confirm the diagnosis. Before starting the treatment doctor will explain to you every aspect of the intervention, related risks and              benefits.

  1. Period of recovery and rest after medical procedure.

During your treatment and recovery period your assistant (our representative) will be in contact with you to meet all your needs and to help you with all requirements, by your request contacts with your doctor will be done to discuss questions, medical reports and investigations result will be provided. If you wish we will provide your family and loved ones with updated information about your condition. We will not forget details, important for you, your family and your friends. If possible, we will arrange your accompanied person staying beside you at the hospital. For more accompanied persons we will arrange suitable hotel accommodation nearby.

  1. Vacation time with arrangement of possible tours according to your doctor’s recommendations.

After a stressful course of treatment, you may feel the need to relax and have fun. Upon your request, we will arrange for you vacation in the city where appropriate nightlife with visiting historical places, natural beauty, city tours, shopping tours and so on. At your request medical companion also can be provided.

  1. Return home and follow up of your condition with doctor including when necessary online consultations.

After finishing your treatment and vacation you will return safely to your home. By your request we will provide your current doctor and / or hospital at your home country with your medical records and investigations. Any other support, such as online follow up and consultation with our doctor will be provided to you in case if needed.