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Alsero Tour has been being active in international tourism industry since 1996. While organizing holiday and tour programs in Turkey for thousands of foreign tourists since 1996, we offer combination of cure and vacation which combines physical theraphy and holiday at thermal hotels in Turkey for European travelers, especially from Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavian countries. We offer modern and scientific medical services by combining our long term experience and opportunities of Turkey’s hospitals and doctors which have a special place in the World these days to patients who need treatment.

While preparing the health tourism program for you, we aim to garnish your journey with historical and natural attractions of major world tourism destinations such as İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Cappadocia, coast of Aegean and Mediterranean and offer you an unforgettable holiday with full of beautiful memories.

            Turkey is one of the best and top countries on medicine and medical treatments. Most hospitals have association agreements with Turkish and international institutions such as JCI (Joint Comissions International) and JACHO (Joint Commisions on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and affiliations with Western medical groups and facilities.

            There are some diagnose and treatment methods that are not applied in other countries, are available in Turkey. For instance diagnoses, treatments and surgeries about eye diseases, tooth treatments, cancer, transplantation, brain surgery, thermal therapies, hair transplantation and plastic surgery   are made by specialist doctors at modern hospitals in Turkey.

Our aim as Alsero Tour is to bring you together with specialist doctors at modern hospitals in Turkey, help you to get healthy again and make you feel at home in your country.

You need to give us all details about your diagnoses, treatments, biosies, pathology results, MRs and other medical informations, then all these information will be examined and evaluated by specialist doctors to save time and money. After that choosing the correct hospital, doctor appointment, hotel reservation and transfer arrangement will be planned.

One of the major complaints of patients, whom went other countries for medical treatment, is that choosing hospital and doctor, diagnosing and specifying the treatment take a long time. This causes high cost and pessimism for patient. Aim of Alsero Tour to give you chance to analyse diagnose and treatment suggestions that are made in your country, learn different reviews about your disease and to help you to make the right decision, correct and quick plan. will be health guide  to you. 

Thanks for your trust