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ALSERO TOUR   ( Medical service Turkish Health Guide )

Alsero Tour is an A type travel agency that is registered to Turkish Ministry of Tourism with the licence numbered 3142 and dated 1996. Member of the TURSAB It has been being active in international tourism industry since 1996. We have branches in Ankara, İstanbul and Kuşadası.

While organizing holiday and tour programs in Turkey for thousands of foreign tourists since 1996, we offer combination of cure and vacation which combines physical theraphy and holiday at thermal hotels in Turkey for European travelers, especially from Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavian, Middle East countries and all international patients in Turkey.

We offer modern and scientific medical services by combining our long term experience and opportunities of Turkey’s hospitals and doctors which have a special place in the World these days to patients who need treatment. Our aim is to offer treatment and holiday together.

Alsero Tour organized excellentmedical treatment in the best hospitals and clinics of Turkey,

Which has certificied JVC ( Joint Commission International ) and accredited to Turkish Republic Health Ministery.

Aim of Alsero Tour is to fulfill the best quality treatment you need and expect medically and operationally. While preparing the health tourism program for you, Alsero Tour’s aim to garnish your journey with historical and natural attractions of major world Tourism, getting medical treatment in Turkey destinations such as İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Cappadocia, coast of Aegean and Mediterranean and offer you an unforgettable holiday with full of beautiful memories.