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CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE -   is an abnormality in your heart’s structure that you’re born with. Some adults may find that their heart problems arise later in life, even if their defects were treated in childhood. Children who are born with congenital heart problems grow up to be adults with heart issues, so, even if you undergo repairment of your heart defect as an infant, you likely still needs care as an adult. Due to continuing improvements in heart surgery and medical treatments, the number of adults living with heart conditions they were born with increasing. Because just few defects are permanently can be cures, however, these individuals require lifelong follow-up care.

Alsero Tours  offers Adult Congenital Heart disease Programs in Turkiye specializes in treating adults who were born with congenital heart defects. Our state-of-art facilities involving a multi-disciplinary group of highly-qualified specialists in general cardiology, cardiac surgery, pediatric and congential heart surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, diagnostic radioilogy and others, who provide a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating adult congenital heart disease.

Whether your heart abnormalities are structural or functional, common or complex, we know your needs are unique, potentially frequent, and often long-lasting. Our goal is to help our patients to overcome the hurdles of congenital heart defects, maximize their physical, emotional, medical and social options and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

We provide our patients with wide range of comprehensive diagnostics services, lifestyle counseling, medical management, most advanced interventional and surgical treatment s for the full spectrum of conditions related to congenital heart disease:

  • Top-ranked care in state-of –art facilities by affordable prices.
  • Advanced treatment options, such as pulmonary valve repair in patients with tetralogy Fallot, catheter-based devices used to treat atrial septal defect, muscular ventricular septal defect device, 2 types of percutaneous pulmonary valves used an alternative to surgery
  • Expert team including highly-skilled cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons, imaging technicians, nurses and others are trained specifically to evaluate and manage structural and functional congenital heart defects in adults patients.
  • Most advanced and minimally invasive approaches and shorter recoveries.
  • Specialized treatment for the patients with a single ventricle
  • Coordinated care for all stage of heart failure, including alternative therapies like ventricular assist devices for end stage heart failure.
  • Comprehensive care – our program address more than your congenital heart defects, we treat the whole patient.
  • Specialized programs of cardiac rehabilitation for Adult Congenital Heart disease.
  • Genetics screening and counseling – offers genetic testing and counseling to patients who have a family history or have been diagnosed with an inherited heart condition including chromosomal abnormalities, genetic cardiomyopathies and connective tissue disorders.
  • High-risk pregnancy management with our maternal fetal medicine team.

Treatment is based on the severity of the congenital heart disease. Some mild heart defects do not require any treatment and only periodic checkups, others can be treated with medications, minimally invasive procedure or surgery, doctor may suggest a treatment to attempt to correct the heart defect itself or treat complications caused by defect.

Choosing Alsero Tours and treatment in Turkey you are making the choice to learn more about who you are medically and more about the physical, emotional, medical and social options available to you. These choices are greater than ever. Our goal is to help you find you own pathway to medical success.